IT Assessment

An assessment to evaluate technical and operational differences
between your existing IT infrastructure and alternative solutions.

IT Assessment

What information is examined in your IT value and cost assessment?

  • IT operating costs, capital expenditures, migration, server upgrades, maintenance
  • Business values (KPIs) and qualities of service (SLAs, security, resiliency, serviceability)
  • Workload consolidation, server utilization and performance efficiencies
  • Return on investment and payback period
  • Total cost savings over multiple years

Assess and Raise Your Digital Maturity

Prepare IT for digital transformation.

Institution, industry and business leaders want to get a better understanding of their digital maturity and compare it with that of their industry peers in two ways:

  • Identify the reasons for poor outcomes on recent digital initiatives.
  • Identify initiatives to achieve desired digital maturity.

Some digital maturity assessments overly focus on adopting expensive advanced or leading edge technologies using AI, analytics and machine learning, however there is research that shows that poor outcomes are often caused by people issues: culture and organizational behaviours.  Essentially, they don’t have a comprehensive framework to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to identify the initiatives that will help them achieve the target state of digital maturity.

Digital maturity can be best assessed across these key dimensions: Culture, Strategy, Capabilities and Customer Journeys. Adoption of advanced technologies by itself doesn’t signify digital maturity. The results of a digital maturity assessment must be comparable to those of peers within and outside of the industry. Our assessment provides a comprehensive framework encompassing all dimensions of digital maturity will help identify the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and identify initiatives to achieve the target state of digital maturity.

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IT Infrastructure Assessment: Benefits

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your IT infrastructure.

Assessing your IT infrastructure will give you real insight into where your strengths and weaknesses are as a business. You’ll be able to put together a complete and realistic picture of your existing IT systems, and how they help or hinder your company’s processes

Align IT and business objectives.

If you have a separate IT department, it’s possible your company is suffering from a fragmented approach between your IT department and your executive team. If this is the case, it’s likely that your IT department will be working towards a completely different objective to the overall business.

Better plan your IT expenditure.

Through an IT infrastructure assessment, you’ll be able to work out the true TCO of your technology, which will give your business a better idea of how much you can afford when implementing a new technology solution.