Digital Workspace

The digital workspace is a new concept that enables your employees to access the systems and tools they need from any device—smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop—regardless of location.

Discover a better way to meet the needs of the modern workforce.

Today’s workplace is in the midst of yet another sea change, this one driven by technology and innovation. Emerging technologies now make it possible to deliver the infrastructure needed to enable employees to work securely and productively from home, the office, or on the road.

However, the digital workspace is about more than simply enabling employees to work remotely. It’s the culmination of a business mobility trend that has evolved from individual and team productivity to true business process transformation and that is reinventing businesses across all industries. The digital workspace empowers employees and is made possible through an enterprise’s transition from hardware-centric to software-defined infrastructure. New technologies are unlocking new possibilities.

Virtualized Application & Desktop Platform

With technology from Microsoft and Citrix, we’ll assess your requirements and deliver the right-sized digital workspace to your organization and your team.

Citrix converts your physical workplace to a digital workspace

Citrix digital workspace solutions empower companies to securely deliver the apps and data for maximum productivity.

The way we work is changing. Today’s remote workforce no longer views work as a place people go, but rather as something they do. Now more than ever, employees need a reliable way to work from any location—on any device, at any time. By adopting a work-from-anywhere “digital workplace” model— one that’s not tied to any one geography, network or set of devices—amazing things can happen. It’s the kind of digital transformation that quickly leads to a superior user experience, increased employee engagement and greater productivity.

Building a modern workplace with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 empowers teams to be creative and work together, securely.

The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed, with distributed teams, brand-new business models, and complex security issues. The right digital tools connect and support employees, wherever they are, to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration. Learn more about how Microsoft 365 powers our global, modern workplace with one bundle of products: a smart, efficient operating system, mission-critical enterprise-grade security tools, and seamlessly integrated workplace productivity apps.

Citrix Digital Workspace

Five Benefits for your organization.

It’s no secret that the more engaged employees are, the more they contribute to the organization’s success. Citrix Workspace drives better engagement and productivity by taking the work out of work — freeing people to focus on the job they were hired to do, not get bogged down by repetitive tasks and busywork.

Protecting data and IP is top of mind — but it’s not as easy as restricting people from accessing sensitive information. Citrix Workspace lets you secure data with controls based on user context, like role, location, or device. With predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, your team can uncover potentially dangerous user behavior and proactively handle threats.

To stay productive, employees needs easy access to information in an instant, whether they’re on a mobile device or working in offices around the world. Citrix Workspace enables employees to access what they need on any device, from wherever they are — and they get the same high-quality experience every time.

Every major industry is faced with constant disruption. You need to reinvent what’s
possible so you can be faster, more efficient, and flexible. More choices for your
strategy on hybrid and multi-cloud environments are vital to innovation and agile
operations. Citrix Workspace guarantees the business agility you need to pivot when
necessary. Your IT team has the option to choose any infrastructure that meets your
unique and immediate needs, whether that’s on premises, in the cloud, or both.

Citrix Digital Workspace

Five Benefits for your team.

You’re tasked with delivering technology that contributes to a rich employee experience, increasing engagement and productivity. Citrix Workspace brings together everything people need in a unified experience, providing employees with personalized feeds and automating routine tasks that contribute to worker fatigue.

Not only do you manage corporate mobility, but you might also manage service delivery to distributed offices locally or even globally. Citrix Workspace gives you the ability to deliver instant, secure access to information on any device and over any network. This improves the mobile experience and provides self-service automation and workflows.

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, security is a bigger challenge than ever. Instead of monitoring unknown external threats that change on a daily basis, Citrix Workspace enables your IT team to proactively detect and act on risky or unusual user behavior. This people-centric security approach allows you to score users based on their risk level, plus implement IRM and DLP.

Let’s face it—business priorities are constantly in flux. Citrix Workspace provides the flexibility that IT teams need to change course as business needs change. You have the option to choose any infrastructure that meets your unique needs, whether it’s on premises, in the cloud, or both.

Infomedia Systems Group Digital Workspace: Benefits

Improves Productivity

Provides a complete suite of tools that are designed to make your staff work better, smarter and able to take full advantage of Office 365 and other cloud-based applications.

Provides Greater Control

Gives you more input and control on the ways your company uses I.T. assets and lets you flag usage, application, compliance or user issues you want addressed.

Enhances Security

Provides greater insight into where your data is stored, how it’s protected, who has access and what levels of security are in place for its protection.