Cloud Backup

Cloud backup or backup-as-a-service, is a service that provides users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of computer files.

Cloud Backup

Businesses are increasingly using IT services and it is essential to use a cloud backup that will keep your data safe and protected. Without a safeguard, your company can lose valuable data through a natural disaster or malicious software. Fortunately, data backup and recovery has never been simpler. Here are a few ways that your organization can benefit with the use of cloud services:

What is Cloud backup?

Cloud backup, refers to backing up data to a remote, cloud-based server. As a form of cloud storage, cloud backup data is stored in and accessible from multiple distributed and connected resources that comprise a cloud.

No need for onsite hardware or capital expenses. Well-suited to smaller companies that may outgrow storage too quickly.

Storage can be added as needed. Solutions are often on-demand, so you only pay for what you need.

Backup and restore can be initiated from anywhere, using any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Data can be backed up in the cloud as regularly as 15-minute intervals, minimizing data losses in disaster situations. Small data set recovery time is improved.

Featuring: Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Market leading data protection

Cloud Backup ensures better business continuity for SMBs. Many small businesses are not aware or prepared for the detrimental impacts that data loss can have on their operations. Cloud backup can help mitigate these risks. 

Data loss happens in the cloud. People delete data. Mostly accidentally, sometimes intentionally. And there is the ever-present threat of ransomware and other malware. 

Microsoft 365 is the number-one cloud-based productivity suite, with powerful tools for communication, collaboration, and content creation. However, it is not designed to quickly and easily restore lost, deleted, or corrupted data to ensure ongoing productivity. M365 provides redundancy, but that only ensures the availability of the present state of the data. It does not back up the data to protect against data loss events. 

That means that even in the cloud, data protection is necessary. 

Our Partners in Cloud Backup

SkyKick Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Backup Suite offers a complete backup solution.  Cloud Backup empowers your customers to get the most out of their Microsoft 365 investment by protecting their data and productivity across the Office 365 tenant. 

Enterprise-grade IT Technology, Built for You. Protects you from downtime and data loss with a comprehensive set of business continuity and disaster recovery tools. Solidify your last line of defense against ransomware attacks to ensure your data is secure. 

Cloud Backups: Benefits

Data Loss Protection

Quickly and easily restore lost, deleted, or corrupted data to ensure ongoing productivity.

Threat Protection

There remains ever-present threat of ransomware and other malware attacks. Never lose your data to anyone.


Some or all of your data will be subject to compliance and regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA and PIPIDA among others.